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What does it take to grow your patient base in the 21st century? At the core of your digital marketing efforts is your website. Your website should be designed with both users and search engines in mind. At Mega RX Marketing, we custom-build websites for our medical clients that serve as the foundation of all of our ensuing digital marketing campaigns.

What does a Mega RX Marketing marketing strategy look like? So much goes into growing your brand and connecting you with local prospects most likely to convert into patients. Aside from developing or redesigning your website, the Mega RX Marketing team develops comprehensive strategies that include any or all of the following:


We offer a wide range of SEO and content management services to help medical practices build better search engine ranking (both locally and globally), while attracting new patients and retaining more existing patients in the process. We understand the important role that both SEO and content management strategies play in any effective online marketing plan and we know how to utilize these strategies to make your practice shine online.


Paid advertising is highly flexible. If your practice is suddenly overwhelmed with new interest, the campaign can be paused, slowed, or otherwise adjusted with only a few keystrokes. Then, when you’re ready to dive back in, a few more keystrokes will set things in motion once more. Any time your medical practice makes changes in goals, the audience you wish to target, or any other thing that’s related to marketing, it can be made quickly and the campaign can get back in production in minutes.


What sets search engine marketing apart from other types of advertising available today for healthcare organizations, is that it allows for highly targeted marketing campaigns according to very specifically designed criteria.

We can help you with all these important steps and more. Remember, social media is a multi-faceted approach to marketing on today’s web. Our dedicated team manages your social media presence, to provide the level of engagement and access today’s medical consumers expect.


An overwhelming number of your prospective patients turn to your website first to help them decide whether to call or make a visit. Your website needs to look professional and needs to provide your visitors a clear view of the level of care and attention they can come to expect from your practice.

Aside from looking good, however, your website needs to be a worthy resource for your prospects. Visitors should be able to quickly find the answers to their questions, no matter what device they’re using. We develop cutting-edge website designs that attract both search engines & your prospects and funnel your visitors toward conversions.


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